OTT: Anatel's decision releases internet TV channels

Wednesday, September 9, 2020 was one of those historic days, because it opened up new directions for the video streaming and for the construction of a “new television” in Brazil.

The impasse between TV Operators and Programmers has ended, which has been dragging on for years inhibiting the entry of new players in the country. At the meeting of Anatel's Board of Directors held on 10/09, it was determined that the offer of audiovisual content over the internet does not fall under the Law that regulates the Conditional Access Service (SeAC).

With the subscriber market falling, operators, apparently, had chosen to follow a more comfortable path, trying to fit the services of internet video channels in the same rule as pay TV, instead of realizing that the habits of consumers were rapidly changing and investing in innovation.

Anatel's decision is an encouragement in the midst of all this timely environment of transformations that we are experiencing, by removing an important obstacle to the development of a more professional ecosystem of OTT services in Brazil.

The path that has been opened is much broader than you think. It is not just a matter of offering opportunities for large entertainment conglomerates, such as Disney, to launch their streaming more safely. The news also benefits startups & Brazilian companies working with technological innovation in the sector (; producers of audiovisual content - who will be able to create “niche channels” - and, above all, it brings freedom for millions of connected users to choose where and how they will watch their favorite videos.

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