OTT Platform

Access an experience with educational audiovisual content on multiple platforms (connected TVs, Web and Mobile), managing interactions between teachers and classmates through Live and Video Conferencing.

One 100% OTT Platform

The GALILEO Platform, which was selected as an innovative project in the “Sustainable Cities & Smart Cities” Notice of FAPESP and FINEP, makes use of OTT technologies to offer an interaction experience between teachers and students, using the main devices with connected screens the Internet.

OTT Experience

Inserção do conteúdo.

O conteúdo é integrado na plataforma e passa por um tratamento para se adaptar à diferentes dispositivos de acesso. Fica protegido contra cópias e pode ser monetizado.

O usuário pode acessar o seu conteúdo com alta qualidade a qualquer hora e em qualquer local.

Os administradores podem analisar e gerenciar como os usuários interagem com a plataforma e os seus conteúdos.

Adaptive Learning

GALILEO uses educational methodology of Adaptive Learning (Adaptive Learning) that makes use of a computer system programmed with strategies to promote teaching interactions, measure developed skills and competences and mediate learning.

To support the pedagogical management of the GALILEO Platform, we developed our own algorithm based on this methodology and following specifications prepared by consultants from the Technological Systems Integrated Laboratory (LSI-TEC) at the University of São Paulo (USP).

When participating in a course, each student has their own experience adapted to their learning, navigating and interacting with teachers and colleagues who are accessing the same content, using various tools that GALILEO offers.

  • student experience
  • manager experience
  • teacher's experience
  • Access to class content anywhere, anytime or any device.
  • Interaction with fellow students through Lives, Videoconferences and Forums.
  • Performing tasks and personalized assessments with the mediation of an Adaptive Learning algorithm.
  • Access to different types of content (Videos, Audios and Texts).
  • Options for use on various devices (TV, WEB and Mobile).
  • Your institution's audiovisual content distributed across multiple devices.
  • Dashboard with information about content (audience and engagement) and users (number of active users and other access metrics).
  • Adaptable architecture for integration with other systems.
  • Integration with GIS Systems (learn more).
  • Insert different types of content (Videos, Text and Audio).
  • Evaluate your students through activities and assessments with real-time feedback.
  • Live classes (via web conferencing or live streaming).
  • Get to know your student better through reports with pedagogical indicators.

Main features

100% OTT

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Live classes
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Interaction with
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