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Our expertise in OTT video streaming has made it possible to develop solutions that use technologies and services that can be found on platforms that are reference cases in the market.

Our OTT platforms have a robust and flexible architecture, make use of open source languages and are prepared for integration with Cloud services infrastructure (cloud computing), CDN (content distribution network), DRM (copyright management), Analytics & BI (data collection, organization, monitoring, analysis and sharing to support strategic decisions) and Billing (collection / payment system). 

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Over two decades of operation, meeting the demands of information technology in public institutions of various governmental spheres, received special attention from HIRIX, which developed and maintained management software for the areas of education, budgeting, collection and finance among others.

Management solutions are essential to administer and manage processes efficiently, providing the necessary information to ensure compliance with regulations, make actions and the use of financial resources transparent, support public governance and offer quality services to citizens. .

Learn more about our solutions for the areas of education, human resources, wealth, administration, contracts, electronic document management, planning and projects.

Our area of consulting services, training, software development and new projects is composed of a team of specialists in technology, business and innovation processes, prepared to support meeting the demands of customers in various segments.

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